Educational Background 

Enoch Larbifio Addawoo is our Volunteer of the Month. He had his basic education at Royal Priesthood Academy after which he proceeded  to Achimota School to study General Science . He had his tertiary education at the University of Ghana from 2014-2018, where he studied acturial science. He’s currently undertaking his national service with the Ghana Armed Forces establishment.

Passion and Impacts 

The subject maths, is one that has been allotted a lot of misconceptions from the basic school level all the way through to the tertiary level. One major hindrance to the teaching and studying of mathematics is the misconception that it is too difficult. Pupils are tuned this way at an early stage and get to believe this their entire life if not broken. With this mindset, pupils are more likely to fail at the subject. Enoch is one of the few lucky ones who had this notion broken at an early age and that has gone a long way to help him in further studies. In jhs 1, Enoch had a teacher who made maths so fluid that, even the worst student could make at least 60% in a test. The desire to see pupils break out of the notion that maths cannot be done and to see them excel at it is that which drives him.

Future Prospects 

Enoch joined Kids and Math in 2015 and served on a budgeting team and participated in teaching sessions. The journey of breaking the math stereotype is not an easy one and he has envisioned Kids and Math at the forefront of that arduous task. He looks forward to seeing the organization getting embedded into the GES to help eradicate the math fever.